About Us

Who we are ?

We Teach Quran is a humble effort to build an online Religious Tuition Center by Rentie Inc. WeTeachQuran.com has become a brand name in Online Quran Tutoring for Quran and Tajweed. Students around the globe are learning the Holy Quran Online with us and are spreading the word about us. We have the best teachers to learn Quran.

We Teach Quran - About

Reading Quran is important for all the children and adults  as this makes them understand the actual meaning of Islam. Learning Quran is necessary for every muslim. Now reading Quran has become easier with WE TEACH QURAN We offer Quran online reading for every person who wants to read Quran and wants to learn it. 
Our website offers many services. One of the services that we offer is providing online Quran tutors. These Quran tutors will make you read and learn the Quran in an easy way. You can read Quran according to your own convenience and availability.

"The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it to Others"

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

What is stopping you ?

No matter in which country you live you can learn Quran with us without any worries. You will be able to learn Quran via Skype and we guarantee that you will learn without any flaw. We provide proper memorization of Quran and make sure that you have learnt it completely. We point out errors if you make any mistake while reading.

We Teach Quran - About

There are certain rules while you recite Quran and we take care of all those rules. We make sure that you pronounce all the Arabic words properly. We have a team of fine Quran tutors who will teach your kids Quran in the best way. If you want to make your kids learn Quran, then We Teach Quran is the best choice for you. We want that every child learns Quran, learns about our religion, and lives his life according to the teachings of ALLAH and holy prophet (PBUH).

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We Teach Quran provides 2 days free trial class to let you know that with help of ALLAH we have finally made it very very easy for you to learn the QURAN – The Word Of ALLAH Almighty. With WeTeachQuran you do not have to worry about anything we take all the heavy lifting away from you. You just have to show up to the class and we will provide you with the best teachers. Our management team is always there to supervise to make sure that everything is going well and to keep everyone involved updated with the progress of the class.

Since 2008

We Teach Quran School is the leading International Online Quran School which has been providing online Quran Teaching services since 2008. Our aim is to assist the students of any age who want to learn Islam and Quran online. We have developed unique courses for kid’s Quran learning and basic Islamic education. Our Quran tutors combine both ancient and modern techniques in their online Quran classes to provide Muslim students across the world a platform to learn Quran online. 


Book free trial classes and learn Quran from the comfort of your home at any time of the day. Our instructors are very professional and knowledgeable. After your trial classes if you are 100% satisfied with our instructor’s teaching methodology then we will finalize the instructor for you. If in case you are not satisfied we will swap the instructor and will offer more trial classes until you find the instructor that makes learning Quran easy for you.