Course Overview

The holy Prophet’s (SAW) narrations are the most important part of Islam; without them, we wouldn’t be able to grasp the holy Quran. Online hadith courses are developed for children and adults who want to become closer to Allah SWT and learn Islam the way it should be learnt.

After the Holy Quran, Hadith is the second most important source of Islamic law. Hadith includes any action, word, quality, or deliberate silence linked with the Prophet (PBUH). Hadith explains many of the Quran’s commands that are unclear on their own, as well as the way and technique by which we should go about our everyday lives, which are properly ordained in the Hadith in extremely complicated details and serve as guidance until the Day of Judgment. We must thank the Prophet’s companions for the records’ preservation to this day, and as a reminder, our website offers online Hadith courses for anyone seeking to comprehend and incorporate the actual essence of the religion, Islam, into their life.

The major Hadith collections, as well as the compilers and figures behind these works, such as Imam Malik, Imam Ahmad, Imam Bukhari, and Imam Muslim, will be discussed in this course, as well as the unique aspects of these writings. The final section of this course will focus on the basic terminologies used in Hadith studies so that students are familiar with terms like Mashhur, Mutawatir, Sahih, Hasan, Da’if, Mawdu’, and others and understand what they mean. Students will be able to distinguish true Ahadith from spurious ones, as well as real qualifications (Darjah) of hadith, after completing the course.

For our Muslim brothers and sisters who don’t have time to go to an Islamic madrassa and study about hadith and its science properly, we provide online Hadith classes.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course successfully you will learn,

  • Recognize the importance of Hadith research.
  • Learn about the Sunnah’s legal status in Islam.
  • Learn about the proofs supporting the Sunnah’s authority in the Shari’ah.
  • Introduce yourself to Hadith’s early stages of development.
  • Learn about the notable Hadith collections’ books and compilers.
  • Acquire a basic understanding of Hadith terms.
  • Develop a solid understanding of Hadith’s history.

We Teach Quran is a platform that provides an online Hadith education that enables students to gain authentic and correct hadith information. The program offers a detailed look into hadith knowledge, research, and several forms of hadith (Sahih, Hasan, Gharib, and so on), as well as an introduction to the narrators and a summary of their lives. This is the ideal time to learn this information. Let’s take advantage of the free Online Hadith Diploma.

Free Trial Classes

2 Days

Recommended Age

7 - 80 Years Old

Course Duration

2 - 4 Years short course / 4 - 8 Years Full Course

Class Duration

30 - 120 Minutes

Difficulty Level


Prior Knwoledge Required

Yes, has read Quran

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1 on 1 Session


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