Course Overview

This course is designed to teach you how to read the Quran with a perfect Arabic accent and pronunciation while maintaining a pleasant melody for the listeners. You can learn the art of Qirat at We Teach Quran online Quran academy from our experienced and trained tutors. It is a particularly constructed course that helps in the recitation of the Quran with adequate time to get an advantage.

If you like to like to recite the Quran appealingly and adopt a recitation method that directly touches people’s hearts and gives you inner pleasure and satisfaction then WeTeachQuran is the perfect platform for you. Because our teachers aim to increase the stress threshold, eradicate negative emotions, and create a sense of relaxation by teaching you the best Qirat of the holy Quran.

Qirat means phonetic, morphological and syntactical forms permitted with reciting the holy book Quran. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encourages Muslims to recite the Quran in a convenient manner (Sahih al-Bukhari 5041).

The formation of the various Qiraat began with Allah Almighty’s first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and these revelations continued for another 23 years. The Quran was taught to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) personally by the Angel Gabriel AS, who then passed it on to his companions.

Different Qirats are used to recite Quranic verses, and the variations in Qirat are based on tone, word pronunciation, and vocalization of the words. There are ten different forms of Qirat, each named after a renowned reciter. Learning the Quran is a necessary step in practising and transmitting the Quran’s lessons to others, ending in an unbroken chain of learning transmission. During the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Quran was recited in a variety of ways. The Quran was revealed in Arabic to the tribe of Quraysh, but because the Muslim community at the time was made up of various tribes with various dialects who had difficulty reading the Quran, Prophet Muhammad asked Angel Gabriel AS to teach different Qirat so that they could read and understand the Quran more easily.

“Gabriel recited the Qur’an to me in one way. Then I asked him (to read it in another way) and continued to ask him to recite it in other ways, and he recited it in several ways until finally, he recited it in seven different ways.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 4991)

Alhamdulillah, We Teach Quran online Quran academy has created a specific Quran Qirat learning course to assist Muslims in reciting the Qirat properly. So, Let’s Get Started with Qirat Course Online classes from Today with WeTeachQuran online Quran academy.

Learning Outcomes:

In this course, we will learn about

  • The history of the development of the Qirat
  • The difference between Mutawatir Qirat and Mashhur Qirat
  • The ten Qirat of the Qur’an
  • The wisdom in the different Qiraat

Free Trial Classes

2 Days

Recommended Age

7 - 80 Years Old

Course Duration

4 - 9 Months

Class Duration

25 - 30 Minutes

Difficulty Level


Prior Knwoledge Required

Yes, Knowledge of tajweed.

Available Instructors



1 on 1 Session


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