We Teach Islam is islamic university , provide Quran education online. It is beautiful gift for those who have not time enough to go to madrisa or masjid or any place where from he or she can learn Islamic Education .This is our main goal to provide Quran Education.
This is first goal of We Teach Quran to provide best Islamic education. It is only possible with highly qualified teachers which we have.
Go to our website www.WeTeachQuran.com and fill registration form there. If you have any problem give us call at our number (+92 321 4466 775).
1 - First you have to get registered. 2 - You should have Desktop Computer / iPad / Laptop or any kind of device which can be used for communication. 3 - Microphone and Speakers. 4 - Communication software installed (eg Skype, Teamviewer etc).
These are one-to-one class (in one time only one student can attend class with teacher). Classes will be arrange at the time when the student will be free. For the communication, there should be Skype and Mikogo software installed on students' computer.

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We Teach Quran 
Lahore, Punjab - Pakistan 
Call : 0321 4466 775